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About the Host

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I am the founder and executive director of the Better Together Foundation. I grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but graduated from Cornell University in December 2019. 


Helping young people achieve great things and reach their goals is one of my passions. I discovered this passion in summer 2019 after my mentor challenged me to complete 30 different service projects in 30 days. Although initially hesitant, I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted his challenge. This initiative ultimately impacted over 1,800 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, worked with 21 different organizations, and inspired me to start my own nonprofit.

Since then, I have not stopped serving. Dedicated to supporting the holistic development of youth, I spend much of my time leading the creation of initiatives and experiential programs to enrich youth in the areas of service-learning, entrepreneurism, lifelong learning, physical and mental wellness, and professionalism.

Examples of initiatives I have created include the Better Together Scholarship, which awarded scholarships to DFW high school seniors impacted by the pandemic and Let's Thrive Now, a campaign that provided resources and knowledge to youth navigating the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I've since published a book, Better Together: How 30 Days of Service Changed My Life. The book shares insights I've learned from my service-learning experience to encourage and guide young people to serve their communities.

I know that my unique journey would not have been possible without the guidance of a great mentor, so now I share the importance of mentorship with young people across the country with this podcast.

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